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October 6, 2016

Good judgment is Redbrick’s primary product and we are only as strong as our people. So a lot of due diligence goes into our hiring decisions. It took me 8 years to recruit Farah, and it took us 8 months to find Jacqueline. It’s hard to find people who excel at the kind of work we do, and we have to make sure we have the right people for the job.

This summer we found and hired two more people who fit right in.

Andrea Montgomery (APR) joined us last month as a Vice President, and Teri Clark, our new Social and Digital Media Strategist, has been impressing clients since the moment she joined us in May.

Andrea Montgomery has more than 15 years of experience working with both regional and provincial government. Her experience has crossed finance, IT, public health and social services, public works, economic development and more. She earned formal APR accreditation from the Canadian Public Relations Society in 2013 and she has a number of award winning campaigns under her belt. In addition to bringing this experience to bear on client work, Andrea will expand our training capacity, particularly with respect to public speaking and presentation skills.

Teri Clark joined Redbrick in May and offers social and digital media support, graphic design work and writing. She is a Queen’s University graduate with a postgraduate certificate in corporate communications and public relations from Centennial College. This summer she turned deep discussions on municipal fiscal sustainability into simple visuals that wowed crowds and left lasting impressions. These days she’s busy working on social media audits and strategic plans for a number of municipal governments and a broader public sector association. Teri grew up in Peterborough, studied in Kingston and commutes to Mississauga from the heart of Toronto. That’s all helpful.

With these additions, Jacqueline Demers, Senior Consultant gains added management responsibility as she continues to lead specific accounts. She quietly coordinates multi-government events and delivers all aspects of communications support for the federal Gas Tax Fund in Ontario. Jacqueline turns complicated topics, like public sector pension issues, into discussions that decision makers can understand and act upon. She also provides support on some of our trickiest issues management files.

Redbrick is growing so that Farah Tayabali and I can focus more intently on the work that we do for our clients. While Redbrick is relatively small, we have grown to serve about 50 organizations across Ontario and beyond. Many have been with us for a decade or more, because we are equally committed to excellent service, and to close, trusting relationships.

If you have any questions about what our growing business can do for you, please contact us at 905-271-1669, or by email at and

Brian Lambie