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Municipal Social Media Survey

Municipal Social Media Survey

*NEW* Summer 2016 Survey Results (1.88 MB)
*NEW* Summer 2016 Survey Results (Print PDF) (1.87 MB)
Summer 2015 Survey Results (3.05 MB)
Spring 2014 Survey Results (2.1 MB)
Spring 2013 Survey Results (1.7 MB)
Fall 2012 Survey Results (1.84 MB)
Spring 2012 Survey Results (870.8 KB)

Photo Release Forms

With social media, it's easier than ever to upload photos and videos instantly online. This raises concerns around photo release rights. Here's what some municipalities are doing to ensure permission.

» Photo Release Forms


Is Your Social Media Program Measuring Up?

Ontario’s municipalities are getting more sophisticated in their use of social media. Some are pioneering new platforms, like apps and open data. Redbrick President Brian Lambie and Senior Consultant Lisa Timoshenko share their latest research and advice on how to use it well.

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Is Your Social Media Program Measuring Up? - View PDF (654.7 KB)

Powering Up Social Media

Redbrick Vice President Farah Tayabali looks at emerging trends and best practices in social media use by Ontario's local energy distribution companies in the Spring 2014 edition of The Distributor magazine.

Powering Up Social Media - View PDF (3.18 MB)

Social Media and Municipalities: Risks and Rewards

Brian Lambie of Redbrick Communications and Dan Michaluk of Hicks Morley LLP discuss the risks and rewards of municipal social media use from public relations and legal perspectives.

Social Media Risks & Rewards - View PDF (185.2 KB)

Creating Pictures that are Worth a Thousand Words

Brian Lambie of Redbrick Communications outlines simple ways that municipalities can improve their marketing and communications programs by applying a photo-journalist’s eye to their use of photography.

Pictures Worth a Thousand Words - View PDF (4.16 MB)

Social Media Policies

Social media policies are a hot and important topic these days. Redbrick can help you develop your social media policy, based on our research and our work with others.

» Social Media Policies and Guidelines from Ontario Municipalities

Social Media Response Chart

Should I respond to this comment?

Redbrick's Social Media Response Chart is designed to speed up decision making and help streamline the approval process.

Redbrick Social Media Response Chart - View PDF (71.1 KB)

Personal Social Media Plans

Personal Social Media Plan Template

Every business owner, politician and good manager understands the need to conduct social media programs according to a plan. So why do so few of them have a social media plan to guide their own use of social media?

This template will help you design a practical social media plan that leads you to your goals, and keeps you out of the ditches that line the road.

Mobile Apps

Municipalities are making it easier for residents to stay informed and engaged at the touch of their fingertips through mobile apps. See who's leading the way:

» Municipal Mobile Apps

Open Data

Open Data is an area that's attracting increasing interest in Ontario's municipal sector. See who's leading the way:

» Municipal Open Data Portals