Our Services

Consultation, Support, Training.

Redbrick Communications offers strategic consultation, hands-on public relations support, writing services and training programs to support your communication goals.

Strategic Communications Counsel
Whether the challenge is to communicate complex ideas, change perceptions or protect a reputation, Redbrick builds a strong strategic foundation based on a thorough analysis of your situation, objectives and audiences.

Through research and stakeholder consultations, and our own in-depth understanding of the media, we develop a detailed communications plan to reach your goals.

Hands on Public Relations Support
Redbrick can provide you with the hands-on support needed to lift a communications strategy from paper and turn it into action, including:

  • Issues management and crisis planning
  • Public consultations
  • Media relations
  • Event management
  • Internal communications
  • Social media

Writing Services
Our team of experienced writers will tell your story in simple yet powerful and persuasive language in order to achieve your communications goals. It could be a news release, speech, or Twitter feed – we're never at a loss for words.

Professional Training
Effective communication depends on a set of learned skills that can be developed through training – whether it's managing a crisis, polishing presentations, or learning to communicate in plain language.

Over the years, hundreds of business people, public servants, professionals and elected officials have attended Redbrick training sessions and come away with new, practical skills and strategies that they can put into immediate use.

People who have taken our sessions often sign up again – and more than one client says that hiring us was one of their best decisions.

Programs include:

  • Managing media relations and interviews [more]
  • Using Social Media
  • Issues management
  • Presentation skills
  • Plain language communication
  • Accessible communication
  • General communications skills
  • Public consultations

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