Redbrick’s team is still on the job – now more than ever. 

Supporting our people, clients and community is always important to Redbrick, and never more than right now. Health and safety is, of course, our top priority. Our team is still on the job. Staff are working from home, and are still able to provide the support you’re used to from Redbrick.

We have long had the capacity to work offsite, wherever we are, and wherever our clients need us to be. Working in times of stress is what we do.

We’ve worked hard to further bolster our capabilities with conferencing and other remote meeting tools and we’re continuing to serve our clients as they communicate through this unprecedented time.

We can offer capacity when your staff need a rest or are not available. We can offer experience when you have questions or are feeling overwhelmed.  In a nutshell, we are there when you need us and when times are hard.

We also offer a range of online training options and are happy to discuss those with you, according to your particular needs.

Reach out to any team member, or email with any questions, concerns or needs.

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