Tell your story in any situation.

Communications is a learned skill, and we can make anyone better. We are an Agency of Record for large organizations and governments. We work with everyone from front line staff to CEOs and elected officials. People routinely tell us it is the best training of any kind that they have ever had.

All of our sessions are tailored to client needs. We provide everything from 20-minute presentations at large conferences, to intensive two-day workshops for one person, and everything in between.

Additionally, we provide a range of online training options and are happy to discuss those with you, according to your particular needs.

Media Training

Redbrick teaches spokespeople and their staff how to:

  • manage media calls
  • plan strong responses
  • prepare compelling messages
  • give good interviews

Participants learn how to tell their story, create interest, calm issues and sleep better.

Media Training

Training for Elected Officials

Redbrick is providing communications training workshops across Ontario in late 2018 and throughout 2019. Some of these workshops will be delivered in conjunction with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO). We are also making house calls.

If you're interested in attending a workshop, or in having us tailor an in house-session for your municipality, click here for more information.

Using Social Media

It’s hard to keep up in this ever-evolving digital landscape. In this course, Redbrick teaches:

  • current social media trends
  • what they mean to communicators
  • how to navigate negative feedback
  • measuring success and more.
Issues Management

We give you tools to:

  • help you weather the storm
  • resolve your problem
  • earn trust
  • come out ahead if possible
Presentation Skills

Learn the steps to:

  • prepare and deliver a compelling presentation
  • understand the audience
  • prepare effective speaking notes
  • play to your personal strengths (and address weaknesses)
  • harness stress
  • make sure key points resonate
  • answer questions
Plain Language Communication

We teach the importance of clear communication. You will learn:

  • understanding communications objectives
  • understanding your audiences
  • understanding what generates interest
  • preparing strong messages
  • organizing information in a variety of formats
  • editing skills and shortcuts
  • communicating complex information in plain language
General Communications Skills

This course helps you become a stronger communicator. We help with:

  • understand communications best practices
  • providing strategic advice to executives
  • improving planning
  • analyzing risks and opportunities
  • identifying audiences
  • developing key messages
  • writing

For more information or to book a program, contact us here or use the form below: